10 Simple Barista Style Coffee Making Tips For Beginners

barista coffee making tips

It’s fair to say that everyone enjoys a cup of barista-style coffee, but we all learn to love different elements of the drink and work out how we can get the best crema or temperature that is just perfect for us. If you are at the start of your barista journey and have only just learned what each piece of barista equipment does, let’s outline 10 simple coffee making tips that have worked for others and get you on your way to being a master barista.

1. Your Coffee Machine Matters

The coffee machines in Singapore are not just on display for show. These stylish machines actually have many facets that work to produce a great cup of coffee every time. Some coffee machines will come without an inbuilt grinder or milk frothier and others will have certain manual processes. Take this early part of your barista journey to decide what you need before you buy or hire a coffee machine in Singapore. 

2. Using fresh whole beans makes a difference

Supermarket beans will make you a coffee, sure, but it might not have you coming back to another one. Buying fresh whole beans will elicit a fantastic smell and it actually helps the extraction process more than you would think. Beans that were roasted many months prior will taste and smell flat, with those beautiful taste elements lost in this crucial time period.

3. Work on your technique before crema art

We have been conditioned to believe that making a lotus flower, heart and any other shape from our frothed milk is easy, or more important than the coffee standard itself. It is not, and it never will be. As a coffee making tip, you should work on pouring your milk so that there are few bubbles, and try to pour on an angle so that the milk is evenly distributed through the coffee and able to mix together.

4. Store your beans correctly

How and where you store your beans is going to determine what sort of longevity you get from them. A jar is a great place to start or anything that has an airtight seal so that the oils and roasted properties remain through the coffee. It’s amazing the money people will spend on specialty coffee, only to leave the bag open on the bench and deplete the beans of their gorgeous flavours. You also want to keep this jar or container away from the sun and not somewhere too hot or cold.

5. Be mindful of the water you are using

There are some destinations that have been hailed as the origin of the best cup of coffee, and the truth is that this has more to do with the water they have in their city than any secret barista skills. In the same way that New York has the best tasting bagels due to the water running through their taps, the water you use for your coffee is going to make an impact. A simple coffee making tip if you enjoy a cold brew, try and make a batch with coconut water so you can see how much it impacts the flavour and see if that gets you thinking creatively.

6. The right measurement of coffee

Many of us have become complacent with measuring our coffee, as most coffee machines will measure this out for you without you even really noticing. If you are serious about your coffee career ahead, you want to be quite intentional with the amount of coffee you use, choosing to measure by weight rather than volume. There are some fantastic coffee machines in Singapore that give you the dual option of weight or volume, or you can buy some independent tools to do this part manually.

7. Preheat your mugs

Ever wondered why those mugs and cups sit at the top of the coffee machine? Well, it’s not just a smart storage hack, the pre-heated mugs actually contain the heat of the drink effectively, with a cold mug immediately drawing the heat from the drink. If you want to enjoy that coffee for longer without it going cold quick, consider preheating your own mugs on top of your coffee machines in Singapore for a more enjoyable result.

8. What grind coarseness to choose

How fine or coarse you grind your beans will affect the performance of your coffee machine and what you are trying to achieve when you make a cup of coffee. Cold-brew requires a coarse grind whereas your latte or cappuccino would need something finer. You will ultimately be steered by your coffee machine here so establish what grind makes the best coffee and check in regularly to ensure that setting hasn’t been knocked or altered.

9. Clean and descale regularly

If you thought that a clean coffee machine didn’t pack the same flavour and grit in each cup, you would be wrong. A clean coffee machine is essential in producing a delicious cup of coffee, as you will get a better extraction and your water and milk that go in will be fresher without the contamination of a dirty frother wand and slimy water container at the back of your Singapore coffee machine.

10. Practice your routine and seek feedback

Learning how to make barista-style coffee is a fantastic skill to master, and in this experimentation phase, you should be looking to define your routine and build a rhythm that makes sense for you. All the most out-there baristas are known for their performance and technique, so what sort of routine are you going to bring to the industry? Try to be making coffees for your friends, family and colleagues as often as possible so you can field their feedback and fine tune any kinks.


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