4 Benefits Of Integrating A Coffee Machine Into Your Office

office coffee on desk

Office coffee machines, whilst once a luxury saved only for the most high-powered of corporations, have now become a mainstay across the Singaporean business landscape. It makes sense, after all, as the coffee culture throughout Singapore is one that’s growing daily.

At Corporate Coffee Solutions Singapore, we are dedicated to offering businesses premium coffee machine rentals at affordable rates. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at why, if you don’t have one already, your workplace needs an office coffee machine!

Perking Up Productivity

When you’re sitting at a desk for eight hours at a time, sluggishness is one of the main enemies you will have to overcome. It’s simply hard for a person to stay motivated and alert throughout the day when they aren’t moving around a lot, which can in turn impact your productivity and the quality of your work.

Luckily, the office coffee machine is here to help. Coffee is a stimulant, and can be exactly what employees and employers alike need to get that big project done without succumbing to the mid-day malaise. Mental acuity tends to wane somewhere between 10am and 2pm, and a quick espresso is one of the simplest quick-fixes for this laborious lethargy.

Time Saving

Some studies and surveys have suggested that up to 75% of employees have at least one cup of coffee per day. If you don’t have an office coffee machine, this means three out of four people have to seek their caffeine hit elsewhere, and that’s not even taking into account those that have three or more cups of Joe a day (which is a surprising number of people). This time going out to prowl cafes and takeaway stores for coffee is time that people aren’t working, and an inconvenient way for employees to get their daily brew(s).

An office coffee machine ensures that your employees can get their coffee bump right from the comfort of their workplace. This saves them the effort of having to go out hunting for caffeine, and allows them to keep their focus on the things that matter, like helping your business grow.

The Networking Necessity

Let’s face it, finding the right time and place to converse and get to know your colleagues can be tough, especially in corporate environments. Everyone has their deadlines, and quite often, lunch breaks together are difficult to schedule. As a very social beverage, coffee is great for fostering relationships, and gives employees a chance to quickly catch up, converse, and share ideas. Some cultures have embraced the coffee break as a time in which ideas can truly be cultivated and built upon.

With that said, there are other ways in which an office coffee machine can help to foster relationships…

Coffee Simply Makes Employees Happy

On a chemical level, coffee assists mood by preventing the re-absorption of serotonin and dopamine produced by the brain. On a surface level, coffee just helps us to be happy. Studies on the subject have shown that women who drink several cups of coffee a day are less likely to suffer from depression than those that don’t. So, if you’re looking for a way to boost the morale of people within your workplace, an office coffee machine is a perfect starting point.

On a less directly-scientific level, adding little perks like a coffee machine to your office can also make people feel better about working for you. It’s additions and benefits like this that make people feel valued and appreciated, and this can have enormous residual effects on your workforce’s morale and work ethic.


So there you have it! A coffee machine has so many associated benefits that it would be impossible to go through all of them here, but hopefully, we’ve helped you to understand why this perk-filled pick-me-up has become such a mainstay of the Australian business landscape. To get your own office coffee machine rental, contact the experts at Corporate Coffee Solutions, or explore our coffee machine range today!