Find the perfect accompaniment for your coffee

Coffee consumables

Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with our range of consumables and ancillaries. To accompany our coffee and machine equipment, we offer an extensive range of complimentary products, conveniently ordered together with your coffee. With Corporate Coffee Solutions, you have the benefit of having 1 supplier for 100% coffee service.

Sugar sticks

Fairtrade brown and white sugar sticks if you prefer your coffee or tea a little sweeter.

Vending machine ingredients

We offer a complete range of top quality vending ingredients for our automatic vending machines such as sugar, powdered cocoa for hot chocolate or moccachino, milk powder and freeze dried coffee.

The cocoa used to make our Luxury Fairtrade Hot Chocolate is grown under the canopy of tall trees native to the Dominican Republic. The creation of this rich and creamy product is a team effort, produced by a cooperative made up of 10,000 small Dominican Republic based coca farmers, who have come together through their love for chocolate.
Available in 1kg bags and individually wrapped, pre-portioned 25g sachets.

Biscuits and chocolates

Tasteful biscuits, speculoos and Belgian chocolates, individually wrapped to keep them crunchy. A delicious treat to dip in your coffee or tea.

Paper cups, porcelain cups & glasses

Easy to use double walled disposable takeaway paper cups and assorted lids, available in different sizes. Porcelain coffee and tea cups and saucers, latte macchiato glasses and embossed tea glasses; all available in different sizes and colors.

Flavoured syrups and sauces

To spice up your coffee and milky drinks, why not try one of our Monin syrups and gourmet sauces?

Cold drinks

Puro Latte Macchiato and Bio-Organic Chocolate Drink; certified Fairtrade, Organic, and can made out of 100% recyclable material – CartoCan®.

Dairy products

Use the best quality and creamiest taste to enjoy delicious, milk based coffee specialties. Pauls Full Cream milk delivers the promise of creaminess and goodness you can really taste. Supplied in 1 Litre tetrapack (UHT) and 1 Litre Fresh Milk.
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