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Improve productivity in the office with professional coffee equipment and make espresso, ristretto or latte at just the touch of a button. With one of our commercial-grade coffee machines or roasted coffee beans in your workplace, you are ensured that delicious, top-quality coffee is never too far away. Our easy-to-use coffee machines produce barista-style coffees so you can always enjoy a quick cup of fresh coffee in no time at all!

Exceptional Commercial Coffee Machine for Your Office

Are you an agency looking for a commercial coffee machine or has your business recently settled into Singapore? Are you upgrading your current office coffee system to keep up with demands of growing staff, or looking for an extra coffee system to cater the boardroom, reception or waiting area…

At Corporate Coffee Solutions, we have a range of commercial coffee machines for rental or purchase that certainly offers one that matches all your requirements. Our range of commercial coffee machines comprises:

Coffee Machines with Rental or Purchase Options

Are you looking into renting or purchasing a commercial coffee machine? Investing in delicious coffee for your colleagues is a great way to boost morale and productivity in the office! Corporate Coffee Solutions offers hire, free on loan and purchase plans for all types of businesses, from small offices to universities and multinational companies.

We are passionate about coffee and it is our aim to have the best coffee machines within reach of any business here in Singapore. That’s why we offer clear and straightforward business options including hire of the coffee machine, outright purchase and free on loan. We talk you through our range of coffee brewing equipment and together we decide what business option suits best for your workplace. No lock-in contracts and no surprises. You simply sit back, relax and enjoy your coffee!




A popular choice in offices, automatic coffee machines come with standard features like programmable buttons, power settings, and larger water tanks which make them perfect for pumping out cup after cup all day long. Thanks to their simplicity, automatic coffee machines can also help save you time: your coffee is ready with just a push of the button. Throughout the day, the automatic cleaning cycle will keep the machine in tip-top condition.
Selecting a suitable coffee machine for your office can be tricky, particularly with so many different options on the market. These are things to consider when looking for a coffee machine: 
  • Do you want an automatic or a traditional coffee machine?
  • Can the machine be plumbed or should it come with a water tank?
  • Will employees or staff use the coffee machine? 
  • Do you prefer fresh milk or powdered milk?
Answering these questions can help your decision-making that is both personalised and suitable to what you are looking for in a coffee machine.
To ensure your coffee machine stays in top condition and produces the best coffee, daily rinsing and cleaning are essential. Most automatic coffee machines have an integrated cleaning system that ensures reliability and consistency in taste. Make sure to descale the coffee machine with the appropriate descaling and cleaning products.
Drinking coffee in the office has a lot of benefits! Coffee increases the concentration of employees, and it can also increase productivity. Taking regular coffee breaks is good for the social interaction between colleagues.  Also, with a coffee machine in the office kitchen, your staff saves precious time as they don’t need to go to the coffee shop around the corner.