Coffee, the perfect start to your working day

Friday! Already! Today is the day when you are allowed to treat yourself with an extra cup of coffee (although we think you should treat yourself to coffee any day). Run to the office coffee machine, rub the sleep out of your eyes, place your favourite cup in the right place and select the drink you want to enjoy. Is it a lungo or a strong espresso for that quick caffeine hit? Or are you the kind of milky-based-coffee-drinker and fancy a cappuccino, latte, flat white or moccachino – with espresso and chocolate, no compromises?! Yum!

As you stand to dream away, the coffee machine beeps to let you know that your cuppa is ready. You take your delicious cup of coffee with you to your desk. You have your hands around the cup and can feel how nice and warm it is… and the delicious aromas, wooow this smells good! It is very tempting to sit back in the chair and to lay your legs on the desk. You dream away and for a little while, you sit just like that, back in the chair with your legs on the table, while enjoying today’s most delicious cup of coffee.

What a perfect start this Friday you are thinking now? Yes, we totally agree. Imagine being able to go into the weekend that way. It’s something we all love.

Office coffee culture

The coffee culture in offices here in Singapore is growing year after year, inspired by the greatest coffee loving nations in the world. Coffee in the office contributes to increased well-being and productivity among employees. The coffee machine can be considered as a benefit to the employees.

Still dreaming away with the thought of that delicious cup of coffee? With one of our coffee makers and fresh roasted coffee, we do promise you quality coffee that not only smells good, but also tastes absolutely heavenly. Act now and live the dream – it’s easy! Our team of coffee experts is here for you. We’ll happily walk you through our range of office coffee machine and affordable rental and purchase plans.

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