Good meetings are fueled by great coffee

Filter coffee machines with fresh coffee

Filter coffee systems are a great option for busy offices or industrial workplaces where several hot drinks may be required at the same time. Our unique bulk coffee brewers are specifically designed for large offices, meeting rooms, function venues (MICE), canteens and institutions that demand a fast, fresh and flexible solution to their coffee needs.

The pre dosed filters ground coffee are vacuum packed for extra freshness. They are incredibly easy to use to brew an airpot or thermos of  delicious, fresh coffee just when you need it. Ready to go in just seconds, your first cup of the day is just moments away!

Bulk brewers for convenient coffee supply

Boost your meetings by providing freshly brewed coffee for staff and visitors. Have a look at our wide range of function coffee machines and rest assured your business can run without interruption. You will enjoy maximum productivity with the convenience of a coffee maker at close reach. Our bulk brew machines are supplied with vacuum airpots or glass jugs. Not only are the airpots portable and easy for self-service, they will also keep the coffee warm for a long time.
Our bulk brewers prepare coffee with “pouch pack” filters: convenient pre-dosed filters available in a wide range of flavours. Carefully selected, the green coffee beans are roasted to perfection and then freshly ground and packed in pre-dosed coffee filters. Convenient and easy to use, these filters guarantee you have an airpot or glass jug freshly brewed coffee of constant and superior quality available within minutes!

Here at Corporate Coffee Solutions, we offer a range of high duty filter coffee machines with flexible business options. That way, you can have the best coffee experience for your company, whilst also selecting an option that works with your budget.
We help you find the  best coffee solution and then take care of the installation of your office coffee equipment, coffee supply, cleaning and servicing.
Our service is personal, convenient and affordable, and will have you sipping top quality coffee in no time at all!
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