From Bean to Brew

Ever wondered how we roast the right coffee beans to keep your office productive and pleased?
If you’ve never spared a moment to consider the intricate life cycle of a coffee bean to a latte, you may not realize just what a miracle that morning cup of Joe really is.

Before the cup, roasting is the most important stage in coffee production, and can be the make or break of a good cup of coffee. Roasting is when the hard work of the coffee farmer is celebrated. The farmer grows it, harvests it and ships it. To afford their coffee any less than the utmost respect at the roasting stage would be a tragedy.
Our skilled baristas and coffee roasters share their knowledge to select the green coffee beans, blend and roast them. Premium washed Arabica’s, selected top quality Robusta beans, fair trade coffee, single origin or single blend coffee…

At Corporate Coffee Solutions, we are engaged in every step of the coffee-making process, so that we can send our clients home with the right coffee machine and beans to keep an office productive and pleased.

Discover our range of coffee products and contact us for a free tasting.

coffee roasting process