Popular Coffee Types & Preparation Styles

coffee types

Mastering a perfect coffee is no easy feat, especially when many of us have grown accustomed to the standard of our favourite barista. If you are only now starting to design and identify the types of coffee you like, let’s head back to the drawing board and understand what those popular types of coffee are, why they differ and what sort of preparation they each require. We are also going to briefly look at the types of coffee beans that give these coffees a nudge along, and what you should keep an eye out for when you source the beans.

The Cappuccino

Extract 1 shot of coffee
Add steamed milk
Add micro-foam
Dust chocolate on top of the coffee

If you were to visualise a cup of coffee, a cappuccino is broken into equal thirds – coffee, milk and froth. It’s the chocolate on top and the frothy finish that are the hallmarks of a great cappuccino, and it’s probably one of the most widely known and ordered coffees out there. This is one of the first coffees enjoyed after graduating from a mocha. Whole milk will give you the beautiful velvety milk texture you are aiming for, and all types of coffee beans are going to give you the desired taste, provided that you know your preference over light, medium or dark roasts. Cappuccinos are served in mugs, so don’t forget to bring the same flair to your home or office and choose a nice thick mug. Note, we have not mentioned the flat white here, as it shares many similarities to the cappuccino but without the foam and chocolate.

The Americano (Long Black)

Fill ⅔ hot water into a small cup 

Extract 1 shot of coffee over hot water

The Americano is the embodiment of simple pleasures, and this is one you might never come back from once you try. If you haven’t paid attention to your extraction before, this is the time to start because you are going to be able to taste the difference between a coffee in and out of the extraction range. You want to be aiming high in the extraction range. There is a perception that an Americano is a stronger coffee, although it only tastes that way with the absence of milk. You are also going to identify and enjoy the favours of your types of coffee beans, so buying the cheap beans might not be advisable if this is to be your drink of choice. 

Cafe Latte

Extract 1 shot of coffee

Add steamed milk

Add a small amount of micro-foam

A latte is another popular choice for coffee drinkers wanting a smooth taste that isn’t too overpowering. Lattes are typically served in a tumbler glass not just for aesthetics, but so you can manage the right quality of milk and ensure that it punctures the crema and fills the glass from the bottom when you pour it in. You should also try and heat your tumbler before making your latte, or keep it warm on top of your coffee machine so you are ready to go at all times. Latte art looks best on the surface of a latte, but you should be spending the time on perfecting your milk than creating shapes, as this is going to turn more heads.


Extract 1 shot of espresso 

Add 1 spoon of chocolate powder into the espresso and mix it in

Add steamed milk

Add micro-foam

Dust chocolate powder on top

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a mocha is an adolescent drink, as sometimes the situation calls for a little bit of chocolate. The mocha is a combination of a cappuccino and a hot chocolate, and it’s a great option for the afternoon if a chocolate hit is a little much in the morning. This is also a great option served over ice, so keep this one in mind in the warmer months. You can also experiment with stirring in chocolate syrup instead of powder, and some even believe that it’s a better taste if the espresso and chocolate are not stirred together but rather left layered. Have a play around with what tastes best, and keep this one up your sleeve for the days when chocolate is the only answer. 


Add 1 scoop of vanilla ice-cream

Pour 1 shot of espresso over the ice-cream

Let’s end this list with an occasional coffee and one that is too decadent not to try. You want to use a glass and not a mug for this concoction, as the way the coffee interacts with the ice-cream is visually beautiful, and the glass also does a good job of containing the different temperatures of the coffee and ice-cream. This is a summer classic or a nice twist on dessert, and the best part is that you can add alcoholic liqueurs to your affogato to make it an even bigger hit. Given how popular the espresso martini is, the affogato is bound to go down well.. and quick. 


This is just five of the many drinks and cocktails you can make, with many more types of coffee and types of coffee beans just waiting to be experimented with. If you are looking to learn more about our Corporate Coffee roastery, get in contact with our coffee connoisseurs today.