Barista quality coffee in the office

Semi-automatic espresso machines and grinders for office baristas

Indulge yourself, your colleagues and visitors with traditionally prepared espresso and skillfully frothed milk. As a quality roaster, we are constantly guarding the quality of our espresso blends. And also with regard to coffee machines, no concessions are made: at Corporate Coffee Solutions, we offer only machines of absolute top class.

Our semi-automatic espresso machines are available in double and single group units, capable of function independent of plumbed water source. Along with our semi-automatic machines, we offer coffee grinders from the most recognizable manufacturers around the world.

Barista-style quality coffee

With coffee shops popping up everywhere Singapore, you might want to have the same taste and experience you get from semi-automatic coffee machines in your office too… Then look no further, Corporate Coffee Solutions has you covered!

You will get a delicious coffee or cappuccino out of these semi-automatic espresso machines if you use high quality products and know how to handle the machine. That’s why we at Corporate Coffee Solutions offer our own blends of fresh roasted coffee beans that will give you top quality in each cup. We also offer professional barista training for your staff, making sure you learn to make coffees that are worthy of the baristas found in Singapore’s best coffee bars.

Here at Corporate Coffee Solutions, we offer a range of premium-quality coffee machines for rent or purchase. That way, you can have the best coffee experience for your company, whilst also selecting an option that works with your budget. We help you find the  best coffee solution and then take care of the installation of your office coffee equipment, coffee supply, cleaning and servicing. Our service is personal, convenient and affordable, and will have you sipping top quality coffee in no time at all! Enquire today or call us on (65) 6659 8233.